Investment Management with a Personal Touch

At IIA we take the time to get to know our clients.  We try to find out what they are interested in, their family situation, and what their goals are.  From there we can help them design an asset allocation solution that best suits their financial picture.  We are more than just advisors.  We are also the investment managers.  Many advisors farm out this critical piece.  Instead our team has the experience to build and manage customized investment portfolios.  We have our own investment strategies that we can introduce to our clients where appropriate.  We look forward to speaking to you if you are interested in building a better plan for you and your family’s future.

Looking at Global Markets

At IIA we are exploring investment opportunities wherever they might be.

Getting There Faster

There is the old financial planning axiom: Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Behavioural Finance 101

We are students of human behaviour, and we try to identify the opportunities based on repetitive behaviour.

Experience Separated by Decades

The senior managers of IIA are not all alike, we bring years of experience to our clients but from different eras giving us better perspective.

Our Management Team

Ted Parkhill - Managing Partner - Incline Investment Advisors

Ted Parkhill

Todd Hurlbut - Chief Investment Officer - Incline Investment Advisors

Todd Hurlbut

43 Jakub Rehor,

Jakub Rehor