Our Investment Process

Investment Process and Philosophy

At Incline Investment Advisors, we take the time to understand our clients’ unique needs, goals, and risk tolerance. We then build a custom portfolio to meet those objectives.

Our Investment process is built upon experience and discipline engineered for attractive long-term returns adjusted for risk.

Our custom actively managed portfolios are designed to participate in the upside of the market on a risk adjusted basis, but also protect capital on the downside. We don’t leave our client portfolios vulnerable to the downside the way buy and hold investing does.


Most investors have a portfolio of stocks and bonds and believe they are well diversified. At Incline Investment Advisors, we take diversification a step further by introducing global alternative solutions, including commodities, currencies, and metals.

As is common practice, we allow the equity portion of a portfolio to be the primary driver of returns during a bull market. However, it is important to include diversification away from equity volatility.

At Incline Investment Advisors we are not locked into continuing to use the unchanging 60/40 buy and hold approach to investing. This is particularly important in a changing environment which can alter a portfolio’s risk and return profile over time.

By building truly diversified portfolios that are designed to function efficiently in a variety of environments – not just a bull market, we better prepare our clients to achieve their long-term investment goals.

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