Our Investment Process

Investment Process and Philosophy

Each of us is unique and as such each client’s investment portfolio should reflect their personal goals and objectives. At Incline Investment Advisors, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs, goals and risk tolerance. We then build a customized portfolio to meet those objectives.

An Investment Process Built Upon Experience and Discipline Engineered for Attractive Long-Term Returns Adjusted for Risk

Investment returns have little meaning in a vacuum. Rather, one must understand the amount of risk taken to achieve them. We approach markets assessing risk first.


The only “free lunch” in investing remains diversification. Most investors have a portfolio of stocks and bonds and believe they are well diversified. At Incline Investment Advisors, we take diversification a step further utilizing additional asset classes such as currencies, commodities and metals. In addition, we specialize in strategies that can profit from rising and falling prices across asset classes.

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